F.L.O.W. Reflection

While watching the movie “Flow” in my AP Bio class, I was so surprised with the new ideas and information I had gathered. You never hear about there not being enough water on the news, and I was devastated when I realized how many people in the world are suffering from getting access to safe, clean water. The movie mentioned numerous times that many water companies, such as Nestle, are not aware of the resources where their water is coming from. In an article regarding Nestle’s response to flow, however, Nestle argues that they are a responsible water user who get their water from reliable spring water sources. The movie also states that tap water is better for public health than bottle water. In their article, however, Nestle argues that bottled water is different than tap water because it is a better source for public health and public safety. The article that is a rebuttal from Stop Nestle Waters, on the other hand, states that Nestle is lying and the company has never data showing how safe their water actually is. the article mentions that the fact that Nestle had to counteract the movie with a video shows their lack of integrity. After reading all of this, I have come to realize how water is such a picky yet broad topic that is not addressed enough in today’s society. Many water companies state that their water is healthy and good for the environment yet they fail to provide sufficient data showing their reasoning.

My call to action regarding the water issue is that since last year, I have been raising money to build a well in Uganda. I completed my project in late July of this year and the well was built for a primary school of over 500 children. These children no longer have to worry about getting access to clean, safe water and now have the opportunity to go to school and follow their dreams. Many countries throughout the world do not have access to safe water and with the building of this well, this village in Uganda no longer has to worry. Below is a picture of the children of the primary school in Uganda. Image