Writing is something that I am very passionate about and it is a way for my to spill out all my feelings onto the paper and let go of my emotions. I started with writing poems and after the support of my best friend, decided to put some on Tumblr. To my shock, the poems received over 20k notes and became famous on the social networking site. The success gave me confidence to keep writing and now I am in the process of writing a book. I hope to continue this hobby when I go to college and apply the skills I learn in my classes to one day get my book published and later turned into a movie. I have also been able to apply the skills that I’ve learned in English class to essay writing and biology, which has given me confidence in both subjects. I have provided my first poem that I put on Tumblr below and hope you enjoy reading it!



3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Its so cool to see you doing things in botht the sciences and humanities. Your work is lovely and I hope you are able to continue it.

  2. Wow! Your poem is so powerful and beautiful. You are indeed an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing that here. I would love to follow your Tumblr if you wouldn’t mind sharing your site link with me 🙂

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