Reflection on the Website

Creating a website for AP Bio allowed me to integrate what I learned in the classroom to blog posts that shared my love for science with others. I felt like the website was an efficient way for me to look over all the different labs/projects we have done throughout the year as well as see what work my classmates are doing. WordPress is also an excellent way to follow blogs that share your same interest and I found myself following photography and sports blogs. In a way, the websites kept our class connected to one another. Each website is unique in its own way and I felt myself reading posts that my classmates have written and at the same time learning about their interests and passions. Creating a website was unlike anything I have done in my other classes and I found it to be a very rewarding and worthy experience. Today, our society is so focused on the use of technology and our websites are a great way for us to show the world our work and get our voices heard. We all have strong values and opinions regarding different scientific issues and a great starting point has been sharing our views on our blogs. I also learned about coding and how valuable the knowledge is in creating your own website and other uses in technology. Lastly, our blogs served as a way for the students to store all their work in an organized manner. We used our websites to not only interact with one another but to spur our curiosity into the unknown world. I hope to continue working on my website throughout college and since I am a molecular and cell biology major, the website is a great way for me to continue sharing my labs and projects.


3 thoughts on “Reflection on the Website

  1. I liked how your website was organized and formatted. It gives information in a concise and organized manner and I feel like having a website that organizes all your labs and projects is better than having a binder that does.

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