Reflection on AP Bio

AP Bio was a very challenging, yet thorough course and I found myself in awe of how many aspects the field of study contains. I came into the class not realizing the amount of content the course would encompass but realized that biology is a very diverse field of study. I immediately fell in love with the subject and it being a rather small class, I felt like my teacher was able to reach out to all of the students and keep them on task. I enjoyed all the labs that came with the course (I now feel like an expert in gel electrophoresis) and the amount of technology I was exposed to enhanced my learning. I explored different studying methods and was able to collaborate with everyone in my class at one point or another. Overall, the class had a very positive and encouraging atmosphere, allowing me to go out of comfort zone, branch out, and ask questions. My favorite part of the class was the CSI Investigation Project as I was able to learn about the different body systems in a very thorough. Most of all, I loved how each student supported one another and there was never a point in the course where I felt discouraged. After taking this class, I feel like I have a better foundation of what science is and hope to pursue the subject in college and beyond. 


4 thoughts on “Reflection on AP Bio

  1. Bio is a very challenging course. I remember my friends stressing over the workload but glad that you pushed through. Proud of you

  2. You were a big help to me in honors biology and i had fun studying topics together. your class had more complex topics and it was nice to see the different areas of biology. i enjoyed studying with you 🙂

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