Advice to Future AP Bio Students



Writing is something that I am very passionate about and it is a way for my to spill out all my feelings onto the paper and let go of my emotions. I started with writing poems and after the support of my best friend, decided to put some on Tumblr. To my shock, the poems received over 20k notes and became famous on the social networking site. The success gave me confidence to keep writing and now I am in the process of writing a book. I hope to continue this hobby when I go to college and apply the skills I learn in my classes to one day get my book published and later turned into a movie. I have also been able to apply the skills that I’ve learned in English class to essay writing and biology, which has given me confidence in both subjects. I have provided my first poem that I put on Tumblr below and hope you enjoy reading it!


Future Plans

After graduating from Notre Dame, I will be attending UC Berkeley and studying biology, specifically neurology. I hope to go onto the pre-med track and eventually pursue medicine and become a doctor. I want to explore all the different branches of medicine in hopes of finding one that is the right fit for me. I also hope to do a minor in English, as writing is something that I am very passionate about. I want to one day get my book and poems published. Traveling is something that I love doing and I pan on traveling to as many different places as possible, in hopes of getting a taste of the different cultures. I want to go to Uganda and visit the children at the Kitabo School where I built a well. I hope to go there during a study abroad period at Berkeley and apply the skills I have learned in the field of medicine to save the lives of children. Lastly, I plan on continuing to swim on a master’s team and my life ambition is to one day go skydiving. I want to go on as many adventures as possible and make the most out of every minute of life with my friends and family.

Reflection on AP Bio

AP Bio was a very challenging, yet thorough course and I found myself in awe of how many aspects the field of study contains. I came into the class not realizing the amount of content the course would encompass but realized that biology is a very diverse field of study. I immediately fell in love with the subject and it being a rather small class, I felt like my teacher was able to reach out to all of the students and keep them on task. I enjoyed all the labs that came with the course (I now feel like an expert in gel electrophoresis) and the amount of technology I was exposed to enhanced my learning. I explored different studying methods and was able to collaborate with everyone in my class at one point or another. Overall, the class had a very positive and encouraging atmosphere, allowing me to go out of comfort zone, branch out, and ask questions. My favorite part of the class was the CSI Investigation Project as I was able to learn about the different body systems in a very thorough. Most of all, I loved how each student supported one another and there was never a point in the course where I felt discouraged. After taking this class, I feel like I have a better foundation of what science is and hope to pursue the subject in college and beyond. 

Reflection on the Website

Creating a website for AP Bio allowed me to integrate what I learned in the classroom to blog posts that shared my love for science with others. I felt like the website was an efficient way for me to look over all the different labs/projects we have done throughout the year as well as see what work my classmates are doing. WordPress is also an excellent way to follow blogs that share your same interest and I found myself following photography and sports blogs. In a way, the websites kept our class connected to one another. Each website is unique in its own way and I felt myself reading posts that my classmates have written and at the same time learning about their interests and passions. Creating a website was unlike anything I have done in my other classes and I found it to be a very rewarding and worthy experience. Today, our society is so focused on the use of technology and our websites are a great way for us to show the world our work and get our voices heard. We all have strong values and opinions regarding different scientific issues and a great starting point has been sharing our views on our blogs. I also learned about coding and how valuable the knowledge is in creating your own website and other uses in technology. Lastly, our blogs served as a way for the students to store all their work in an organized manner. We used our websites to not only interact with one another but to spur our curiosity into the unknown world. I hope to continue working on my website throughout college and since I am a molecular and cell biology major, the website is a great way for me to continue sharing my labs and projects.