Fetal Pig Dissection Lab

During class this week I was able to take part in the Fetal Pig Dissection Lab with my lab partners, Grace and Madison. I was not very comfortable dissecting the pig, so I was able to do the virtual lab in the back of the classroom. At first, I was very disgusted with the idea that we were going to be dissecting a pig. I had gone to many operating rooms and witness open heart and brain surgeries but the thought of dissecting an animal made me uncomfortable. I kept trying to move back to the lab table but found that the smell of the dissection made me feel sick. However, through the virtual lab, my knowledge regarding the different parts of the pig and the functions increased. I learned more about the diaphragm, the tracheae, and the cartilage rings. The diaphragm separates the cavities while the cartilage rings keep the windpipe open. I learned the differences between the male and female pig and how the anatomy of the pig is vital to its survival. I found surprising that the human body is very similar to that of a pig and that they share many characteristics. My lab partners carried out the lab procedure very smoothly and found that the sex of our pig was male. Most importantly, I learned how important the pig is in scientific research and innovation. Scientists have been using pigs in experimentation and hope to use their research to make predictions of the impact of diseases on humans.