Nature vs. Nurture

Scientists have identified two factors that contribute to a person’s intellectual and moral growth- nature and nurture. Nature is the innate qualities and genetics a person possesses while nurture is an individual’s personal experiences or environment. Both factors contribute to a person’s development. The environment in which a person lives in at home, school, and other places affect the actions and behavior of the person. Also, through genetics, some traits and qualities are passed down to an individual and affect his or her growth. Scientists are questioning whether how much of a person’s behavior is based on nature and how much is based on nurture. Could an individual be committed for a crime and then blame it on the environment? Could a student have senioritis and blame their inability to do homework on personal experiences or the school? Scientists are attempting to draw a fine line between nature and nurture but are finding that the two can collide easily. I believe that the only person people can believe for their actions are themselves. I do believe that genetics and the environment affect a person’s intellectual and moral growth and believe that it is very hard to draw the line on which factor affects a person more. In terms of nurture, it does concern me if a person blames the environment for all their actions, including the negative ones.



3 thoughts on “Nature vs. Nurture

  1. I wonder if there is a gene that predisposes individuals to senioritis? I also agree that it is culture and environment that either encourage or discourage the feeling of senioritis. It is a state of mind. Stay focused 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog post and wonder if the nurture qualities outweigh the nature ones. It’s interesting to see how they balance each other and affect a person’s life. I think it depends on the individual on how much nature qualities affect his or her life and controls it.

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