Do Now Predator

ImageAfter researching more of the “Do Now Predator” topic, I don’t believe that we should kill one species to save another. Every animal species has a right to their own life and I don’t think it is morally acceptable to kill off a species just to save another. Just like humans, animals have their own dignity and it shouldn’t be up to us to decide which ones to kill. However, I do believe that if one species of animals was in danger because another species was killing them off, then some action should be taken so that species doesn’t die off or become endangered. In an article on Huff Post, Bighorn sheep were saved by harming mountain lions and a lot of controversy was created within the sheep recovery act. Since 2007, there has been an increase in mountain lion hunting because of sheep deaths and many people say that the hunting needs to stop while others say that we should keep killing mountain lions to save the sheep. I believe if we don’t need to be killing lions, then we shouldn’t be. In this case, however, the mountain lions are putting the sheep in danger and I believe that action should be taken. Although I hate to think that so many mountain lions are being killed, I do believe that it is necessary to save the sheep. Extending from this particular example, my belief holds true for all animals. I don’t believe that a species should be endangered or go extinct because other animals are killing them off.

In the KQED Do Now Post, the particular example given was that northern spotted owls are experiencing a decline in population because barred owls are outcompeting the northern spotted owl for food and nested areas. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been carrying out experiments to kill barred owls in the areas where northern spotted owls live. I believe that unless the barred owls are directly killing the threatened birds, then they shouldn’t be killed. In the previous example, the mountain lions were directly killing the sheep, making me believe that it should be stopped. In this case, however, the barred owls are not directly harming the northern spotted owls but are just competing with them for food and shelter. I believe that this is a result of evolution and natural selection. This is rather a process of life and survival of the fittest. The barred owls are fit to live in specific environments and as a result, the spotted owls are declining in population. In this case, I don’t believe that the barred owls should be killed off.  I hope that in the future we can better handle situations like these so that no animals are killed or endangered.



2 thoughts on “Do Now Predator

  1. Hi Mana! I really love your blog post. I like how you began the post with your own thoughts and opinions and then gave evidence as your reasons for thinking so. I like how you gave many examples of cases similar to the owl case. However, a couple more pictures would make the post more engaging:)

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