“Never Give Up” Discussion Post

Watch this inspiration talk given by Diana Nyad. http://www.ted.com/talks/diana_nyad_never_ever_give_up.html

After watching the video, I became very interested to learn more about Diana’s journey. My Mom is a competitive swimmer and I remember her being up to date about Diana’s swim from Cuba to Florida. She would tell my sister and I that Diana persevered and did not give up. Watching the video, I became aware of my own dreams and goals. I have always wanted to be a doctor- a person striving to save others. I know that it is a hard working profession but it is the field that I am so passionate about. Diana mentioned in the video that “life is about journey, not destination” and I came to realize that I have to appreciate all of the positive and negative moments in my journey to reaching my goals. Diana did fail at times but she always got back up and kept going. There have been numerous times where I have doubted my ability to achieve my dream and when thinking of Diana’s story and message, I have to remember that dreams are often scary and big but they are never impossible. I have to remember that I will not always win and there will be times where I will face struggles and will have to pick myself back up and keep moving forward. The talk impacted me in a heartwarming way and reminded me to keep a positive attitude while I continue on my journey to becoming a doctor.


One thought on ““Never Give Up” Discussion Post

  1. I remember when Mom would tell us about Diana and we followed her story and her swim. Her story inspired the entire family and I think it is important to never give up on your dreams. Your reflection was very concise and well written and I am proud of you for going after your dreams.

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