Aquarius Reflection

After listening to the presentation, I found that Aquarius is an underwater ocean laboratory in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and it is an internal effort to measure sea surface salinity while learning more about the water cycle and its climate. Aquarius is the size of a school bus and weighs 82 tons! The submarine can hold up to six people at a time and the people can spend up to 10 days in it.  NASA is also associated with the organization and conduct their research in the underwater submarine as well. After listening to this presentation, I was in awe that scientists are able to go underwater and research underwater dynamics. I did not think it was possible for scientists to do such research underwater for a long duration of time. I am usually a claustrophobic person and may get panic attacks if being under the water for a long period of time. A question I would have for the people who work at Aquarius is how they would handle such situations and calm down the researchers. Also, if an emergency situation were to occur, how would the scientists deal with it? Are there any precautions that they would take to prevent these emergency situations from occurring? Overall, I was very interested about the presentation and it was unlike any scientific news I had ever heard. It is amazing to think about all the technological advances that are coming up in the scientific community and how they are changing the world. If Aquarius opens to the public, I believe it will be very popular and increase interest in underwater research. I can’t wait to keep with the news regarding Aquarius and am very thankful I was able to attend the presentation. 


2 thoughts on “Aquarius Reflection

  1. I am very glad you enjoyed the webinar. I found it fascinating as well! I can’t imagine being that far underwater in such a small space. A suggestion to make your posts even more engaging…include some kind of media (picture, video, link) to make your post more visual and enhance the reader’s experience.

  2. I remember going to the Aquarius lunch presentation together and being so surprised that scientists have invented such a research facility underwater. Reading your post made me realize how much research and innovation scientists are participating in.

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