Do Now Reflection

The “Do Now” reflection on Malala proposes whether there is a gender gap in education caused by societal problems. In many countries of the world and even the United States, there is an inequality in educational opportunities for boys and girls. Current research shows that if women were given more educational opportunities, the number of pregnancies and child marriages would be reduced, providing a more positive impact on their lives. Last year, a 14 year old Pakistani student, Malala Yousafzai, was shot by the Taliban after standing up for girls’ education and ever since then, there has been tension regarding the inequality in girls’ and boys’ education. I believe that in many countries, including the United States, there is discrimination stemming from which kinds of people deserve education. In medieval times, women were always portrayed as doing chores in the house and that particular image has continued to progress. Men are seen as being very successful in the workplace and their education is very highly valued. As a result, mainstream media portrays women as not being good enough to be successful in positions of high influence and power. Because of these notions, I believe that women have been discriminated against when it comes to receiving higher educations, especially in countries such as Afghanistan and Iran. My parents were both born in Iran and we spend summers going back. Many girls we know there don’t pursue education to all levels because they aren’t given the opportunity to while boys are expected to go to school under all circumstances. As a result, I respect the stance Malala took in standing up for girls’ education in her country.


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