Save the Bay

GQVYV9f8GTvL5LlmwuC7uQqAKZkIq189bSFWiECWQgMSave the Bay is an amazing organization dedicated to improving water quality, reducing pollution, and creating more land for animals. The field trip sponsored by the organization paved the way for the knowledge of new scientific information such as biodiversity for Simpson’s Biodiversity index, the new information regarding native plants, and the knowledge that although plants may look dead, they can still be alive because their roots transport nutrients. The field trip can relate to what we learned in class because it introduced us to the scientific method- using experimentation to analyze and observe data and make conclusions. The trip also emphasized the use of energy and water importance which we have learned in class such as water’s polarity or high heat of vaporization. An amazing experience of the field trip would be to eat lunch out by the bay and interact with others on what you have observed. Also, the service trip makes you feel like you made a great impact in saving the bay and allows you to branch out the experience to others so more people can join and make a difference. The field trips are very worthwhile and give students the chance to do hands on work to make a difference in the bay.





2 thoughts on “Save the Bay

  1. This is very interesting and a great way for students to be involved in helping make the Earth a better place to live. Like you said, it allows students to gain much knowledge and be able to apply this to the environment and make a difference.

  2. I agree with your message on making an impact and saving the bay. Save the Bay is a great way for people to help the environment as well as keep it clean for the future.

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